Sponge It is a digital market research agency based in Dublin, led by innovation and technology with the consumer at its heart. With an online proprietary panel composed of approximately 20,000 members, Sponge It provides the most cost effective, targeted and immediate research solutions in both qualitative and quantitative research in the Irish market place today.

Our Vision

Sponge It bridges the gap between consumers and brands. We believe in opening the door to the consumer world, walking in their shoes and seeing through their eyes. We invite brands to step through this door with us and discover how consumers view their lives, the lives of others and where your brand fits in their world.

Our Clients

At Sponge It we have worked with both national and international brands including GAA, Pinta Consulting, Griffith College, Chill Insurance, Nestle Nutrition, PHD Media, 3 mobile, CKSK, Heinz, H&A Marketing, HECA, Irish Breeze, the HSE, Independent News & Media, Mindshare and Mediacom. Sponge It abides by the ICC/ESOMAR International Code of Marketing and Social Research Practice, providing the client an assurance of good high quality and ethical research practice.


The Sponge It Panel


The Sponge It Panel is composed of approximately 20,000 members. All panellists are incentivised to participate in online research. We also adhere to ESOMAR guidelines in relation to the management of the panel.

Our panel is specifically designed to bring brands closer to their consumers. This is achieved through opening the channels of communication with consumers and incentivising them to interact through research.

If the role of marketing is to increase a brand or products relevance to consumers and the role of market research is to get closer to consumers, then the power of a brand tailored consumer panel really comes into focus.

Building greater brand loyalty

The personal reward of feeling their opinion matters in many cases is the greatest incentive for consumers to give their time and opinions. Through incentivising panel members every time they complete relevant research their loyalty to that brand grows. Sponge It is an open all hours consumer club with easy to earn rewards that panel members can choose from. Consumers can also choose to donate their Sponge It points to one of our charity partners. Incentives can also be tailored to include rewards which may be of greater relevance to your consumers.

Why is this important?

Consumers get more from their relationship with your brand, for in truth it is their brand too.


Qualitative Research

We offer the following qualitative tools:

Traditional and Virtual Focus Groups


Virtual Focus Groups

We provide recruitment and moderation for traditional focus groups, virtual focus groups, and user testing. Virtual focus groups utilize the benefits of online technology to deliver time efficient, cost effective and a highly targeted research to meet the requirements of qualitative market research digitally. Participants can be based anywhere in the world and only need a webcam and microphone to participate.


Truly explorative research methods also require more in depth means of data capture. Ethnography has been described as deep diving and it fundamentally means observing participants in all their walks of life. Our digital ethnographic tools include day in a life media diaries, a pixel pathway, which tests media placement strategies, and product consumption diaries.



Sponge It is a leader in bringing eye-tracking technology. We use infrared technology either affixed to screens or embedded in eye-glasses. This technological solution unveils more reliable insights into consumer behaviour and shopping habits.


Quantitative Research

We offer the following quantitative tools:

Ad-hoc Online Research

Monthly Digital Omnibus

Online Research

Sponge It delivers the fastest, most targeted and cost effective online research in the market, creating a unique opportunity for you to add greater certainty to all of your commercial decisions.

Monthly Digital Omnibus

We run a digital omnibus every month, amongst 1,000 nat rep sample. Our Omnibus is cost effective, ideal for tracking and quick dip surveys.

Advertising and Brand Tracking

Segmentation Studies


We believe in opening the door to the consumer world, walking in their shoes, seeing through their eyes and living in their pockets. Being a digital agency allows us to achieve this. We invite brands to step through this door with us and discover how consumers view their lives, the lives of others and where your brand fits in their world.


Do you need deep dive analysis at specific group level to create detailed portraits of different profiles? Do you need more effective targeting by media type? Our segmentation studies create profiles based on attitudes amongst specific demographic/lifestyle types, by using cluster analysis for identifying groups of people with similar needs/attitudes. We can also combine this with behavioural data to generate more effective and insightful segmentation.


Pathway to Purchase Suite

The Pathway to Purchase suite is our strategic solution to measuring communication campaigns from couch to cash register and at every point on the consumer pathway to purchase. The Pathway to Purchase suite is a range of products which encompasses Sponge It resources in rich media research applications and our expertise in evaluating the emotional and rational drivers on the consumer purchase journey.

Out of Store: Tube Test

Closer to Store: Hotspot

tube test

Tube test is specifically used for the quantifiable pre-testing of broadcast and outdoor print communications. (TV, Radio, streamed internet content, Billboards and 48 sheets). Sponge It uses key brand indicators to test the effectiveness of the communication messages in a cost effective and time efficient manner.Tube Test is a quantitative approach, in which panelists view broadcast communication stimuli or full ads, live streamed on their own computer. All stimulus and content is hosted on a secure server.


Hotspot is an interactive quantitative exercise which can test many different types of communication from websites to product features, print ads, 48 sheets and 6 sheets. This is a timed exercise that captures where and how often a respondent may click on particular stimuli over a predetermined timeframe. Follow-up questions may be added to qualify respondent selections to test recall on specific elements.

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